Anonymous asked: "im probably really late to this but you know the pic of them at disneyland paris? that looks nothing like dp to me. i went early last year and i have no idea how they could have taken such a pic - the castle isnt positioned in a way that you can get the whole castle in like that (if im making sense?). not to mention that this is FRANCE, and if i went at the same time last year that they went this year, it would have been freezing cold and definitely not that sunny."

I realy don’t know if the pic is real or fake, but anyway zerrie is still fake

Anonymous asked: "Is this what you do with your spare time, hate on someone because you don't like the way they look?"

"hate" on someone because I DON’T LIKE THE WAY THEY PERSONALLITY IS .

Anonymous asked: "Do you like Little Mix! :)"

Only jade and leigh


If Zayn is really in LA it’s because Modest made him go to be with Perrie. You know how much publicity Little Mix and Neon Lights tour would get it we have “cute” Zerrie pictures. Just don’t be surprised if we get Zerrie picture Friday or Saturday. -S




imagine feeling zayn’s beard between your legs

why would I want perrie between my legs ya allah have mercy on my soul



a actual message from zayn malik to mrs. edwards and little mix

1d-and-unionj-stuff asked: "Tbh i love ur account so much😍"

Thank you <3

Anonymous asked: "Why did jade say they went shopping for the wedding? I don't think she would lie."

And why she would say the true? Everyone tell lies, so, Jade can lie too.